Magic, love and insomnia

I do a very limited number of wedding shoots – one or two a year. Tonight was one of those and what a beautiful and entertaining event it turned out to be. It’s a powerful experience to witness people declare their love in front of their friends and family.

It’s 2am and I’m wide awake… I don’t want to go to bed and let go of the magic of an evening like this.

But I have photos! And my 2nd shooter (Ashleigh-Marie) got excellent shots as well. And looking at them takes me right back into those enchanted moments… so here I sit, soaking up the magic while I listen to old school rock tunes.


Helen’s memorial

IMG-20120205-00036We gathered on a unreasonably perfect summer day and bid farewell to Helen. What would you amount to if you were given only 21 years? I had the honour of taking her photo a few months before and was astounded by her utter refusal to let a terminal disease prevent her from living.

Each of us held a green balloon – her favourite colour. And then we tried to embrace the beauty of letting go.

Hello world!

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